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"O PURTICCIULL" restaurant offers a vast menu based almost exclusively on fresh fish. From the starters onwards it's difficult to decide from an unlimited selection of seafood, our particular speciality being raw "crudité" - oysters, knotted cockles, venus clams. Among our pasta dishes we advise you to try a recipe invented by the PURTICCIULL chef fifteen years ago, that is bucatini pasta with mussels and pecorino cheese. Equality exquisite is linguine pasta with lobster or the delicious "PURTICCIULL - style spaghetti".

For second course we offer a great variety of dishes - fish oven baked in salt in a wood. Burning oven which emphasizes the flavour of the fish. Catalan style lobster, squilla and grilled king prawns.

We have also a wonderful Pizza service - a wood fired oven making mouth watering Pizzas true to Neapolitan tradition.
We advise you to try Pizza Doc with which you can enjoy the harmony of buffalo milk mozzarella, cherry tomatoes olive oil and basil.

A vast wine list with famous local wines and Italian specialities two thousand years ago the island was called Anearia - a famous wine producing island - the volcanic soil and the Mediterranean sun producing some unforgettable wine as is still done today.

As a final note we will delight you with our fantastic seasonal fruit selection and ample choice of sweets and desserts.

Ristorante Il porticciullo
Rive Droite' - 80070 - Ischia Porto (NA)
Tel./Fax 081.993222 - 3470068684
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